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Land: België
Provincie / Regio: Niet van toepassing
Club: Qingdao Red Lions Football Club
Leeftijdscategorie: U6-U12
Zoekt volgende functie: Technisch verantwoordelijke jeugdopleiding (TVJO)
Diploma vereist?: Vereist


Vacancy: Football coach/youth academy coordinator in China Mainland
- UEFA A-,B-, or C licensed coach with profiency in spoken English
- Experienced in coaching kids in the age group 6-12
- Experienced in coaching other coaches
- A strong team player that is committed to take up challenging tasks
- An independent and extrovert personality with good interpersonal skills.
- Ideally experienced in coaching abroad
- Ideally over 35 years old.
What we offer:
The successful candidate will receive a contract for a minimum period of 6 months and a net salary of 1500-2200 USD each month (depending on suitability and experience). Furnished apartment plus amenities and internet will be provided.
Expenses for the working visa and work related travel costs will be compensated. JinHua is a green and modern city and our candidate will have access to excellent training facilities.
Football coach
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